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Liempo King – Home of d’original Lechon Liempo!

Craving for Lechon but only want a portion? Now you can enjoy the flavor and texture of real lechon in a pork belly! Liempo King is Cagayan De Oro’s original Lechon Liempo, offering a delightfully tasty twist to your traditional pork belly. Using only the freshest ingredients grown locally, every liempo is seasoned and marinated with special herbs and spices which are delicately tucked inside it's meat allowing it's rich flavors and aroma to completely absorb. The meat is roasted to perfection -- it's skin is savory and crisp on the outside, and juicy and bursting with flavor on the inside. Every bite gives you that distinct lechon taste that you can't get enough of!It’s promotional price of only PHP 135/whole order of liempomakes it conveniently budget-friendly for all to enjoy. Liempo King also offers Lechon Manok and value meals for the convenience of patrons dining solo. Liempo King is located in along JP Rizal St. Cagayan De Oro City and open from 9
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Chocolates and Creams: The Taste Of Dreams

I got the chance to meet the dream weavers Melody and Shela, who owns an upstart pastry business based here in Cagayan de Oro named Chocolates and Creams. Just a glimpse of their innovative and irresistible pastry designs would make you want to try them all! Here's one, for example... when I saw these eggs, I had to grab one and had to taste it and I must say, it was devilishly good: Melody and Shela both studied Food Technology in Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and they told us that their chocolate-coated dreams are inspired from their personal travels. They wanted to apply their knowledge and produce cake creations that are one of a kind. And here they are making their dreams happen! They have these fruitylicious versions - the Blueberry Explosion and the Strawberry Divine. I personally loved their Strawberry Divine! The strawberry and cream melts in your mouth! ...and this enticing Chocolate Madness' pleasurable chocolate feel, oh my, it c

Dessert Strip

Dessert Strip is a 100% home-made cookies and pastries shop in Cagayan de Oro, that's using world class baking ingredients. Cakes, cookies, and pastries lovers will now have a wide array of uniquely baked goodies and sweets to choose from. Dessert Strip is owned and managed by Ms. Maribel Andaya-Pineda, known in the industry as Chef Maribel partnered by multi-awarded celebrity and pastry Chef and Consultant/Instructor Mr. Hasset Go . Mr. Go also owns Med Chef in Metro Manila. Chef Maribel's best sellers are her cakes. Her moist banana cake with softened dates and roasted walnuts frosted with cream melts in your mouth. She also has this high carotene Carrot Cake creation with grated coconut, dates with walnuts, topped with cream cheese frosting. What caught my attention was her Malunggay Cake which are good for those health-conscious people with sweet cravings. Dessert Strip opened its first branch at the 2nd level of Robinsons Mall-Limketkai Drive, l

Mamsuy's Home Made Spanish Style Sardines

This Spanish Style Sardines mini business started early 2006. This used to be our family recipe only passed on from my grandfather. A lot of our friends and relatives would normally finish up all these when we serve them on family occasions. Later that year, we were having a hard time with cash and had to decide to come up with something to earn from. So we, my mom - Susan "Mamsuy" Lim, decided we go on and do the mini business. She would do the cooking and my sister Jeri Mae Lim and I would do the delivering and advertising. Friends and relatives would buy from us which really helped us a lot. The business stopped around 2008, when our cooker died and couldn't fund for a new one. It was just the other day that Mamsuy finally got the funding to buy a cooker, so we started it again. This is Home Made, Hot & Spicy, and of course, delicious. Grab one now and let us know what you think. :) Putting them in the microwaveable containers to cool down a bit before coveri

Lyn's Puto Delight

Lyn's Puto Delight was formally started November of 2008. It originally was Chad Chester Uy's family recipe only. A lot of friends has been asking them to open up a puto (steamed rice cake) business since almost all of their friends loves and requests for them on almost any occasion or even just the ordinary days that they crave for it. Friends then grew shy to ask even more, so they asked them to cook for them and pay for it. When Chad got married to Rosalyn L. Uy, they decided to continue and open the planned biz. You can grab and taste these puto at Cham's 24 Hour Convenience Store Carmen, Macasandig, and Xavier branches. Or you can order thru text/call: 0923 915 8923 and look for Chad. Prices: Box of 25pcs – 150Php Box of 50pcs – 275Php Box of 25pcs Cheese Overload – 175Php Box of 50pcs Cheese Overload – 300Php Order 1 day ahead. Pick up place is Cham’s Macasandig


Young Entrepreneurs Vincent "Inting" L. Uy and Francis Merrill "Kirk" E. Escalante thought of having their own business for their future. Since both of them have the common hobby of eating, they thought of something affordable and convenient for all ages and thus PiK-Cup was born. They started with just delivering to Metrobank where Inting's older sister is working. But as time flew, they both lacked the inspiration to continue and Kirk had to go back to school. They eventually slowed down and stopped for about a year. This is when Inting's mommy Victoria L. Uy stepped in the picture to revive what was started, cause she saw the potential of the business. Pik-Cup now has a stall at Xavier University Canteen. You can also have the Pik-Cup's delivered if ordered by bulk. So far, Pik-Cup has only 4 options to choose from: Pork Asado, Sisig, Chicken Stew, and Corned Tuna. ALL FOR 35PHP PER CUP ONLY! For more information visit their stall at XU Cant

CDOBloggers at Loreto's Grill and Family KTV

Last August 15, 2009, the CDOBloggers had a meeting at Loreto's Grill & Family KTV - the Home of the Original CDO Sisig. It's located at #35 Tomas Saco 6th Nazareth Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. The meeting was for the upcoming Cagayan de Oro Fiesta and other Cagayan de Oro events to blog about - like the Tatak Environmentalist, One Shirt, One Tree Project. If you're in Cagayan de Oro and you're looking for a place to unwind and eat great food - visit Loreto's Grill & Restaurant and enjoy their wide array of delicious lutong-bahay dishes! They also have spacious themed Karaoke & Billiard Rooms. With prices per room ranging from 130-250/hr and can accommodate 6-20 persons.. In these photos we were at the SMB Room. There are other rooms like the Coke Room, Pop Room, Oscars Room, Super Heroes Room, Rap Room, Rock Room, Ginebra San Miguel Room, Classics Room, Elvi's Room, and Marilyn's Room. Celebrate important occasions with their catering and packed